Tuesday, December 15, 2009

happy with myself.

As I started my yoga class today, I noticed a feeling that is a welcomed contrast whenever it presents itself. I felt grateful to myself. Basically, for sticking by myself and paying attention to that voice, well for me it's more of a body sensation, that has brought me to where I am today. That sensation that knew college would not be a good choice for me fresh out of high school. That feeling that when I was truly ready I would find what it is I am passionate about. The trust I have that when I get excited about a line of work or study that I follow it and it will bring me closer to what I want to be in the world. At times it has felt like blind faith...stumbling along not sure that I was on the right path although determined to not get distracted. Honing and weeding and following my energy towards that which enlivens me! HOPE!

Yay Sarah! Good job :)

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  1. Nice post, Sarah. I admire people that seem to know what they want to be and go that path. I've struggled with that. Sure, I always knew I wanted to get married and have a family. Being a mother was the most important part of my life. But while in that time, I felt there was something missing. Something I should be doing. Not that I wanted to, but was required to. By who? Well, in my mind, everyone. Now that they're grown, I need something more and sometimes feel as though I missed something, but in reality, I'm learning that I didn't miss anything, I'm just continuing to grow with my journey.