Tuesday, December 15, 2009

happy with myself.

As I started my yoga class today, I noticed a feeling that is a welcomed contrast whenever it presents itself. I felt grateful to myself. Basically, for sticking by myself and paying attention to that voice, well for me it's more of a body sensation, that has brought me to where I am today. That sensation that knew college would not be a good choice for me fresh out of high school. That feeling that when I was truly ready I would find what it is I am passionate about. The trust I have that when I get excited about a line of work or study that I follow it and it will bring me closer to what I want to be in the world. At times it has felt like blind faith...stumbling along not sure that I was on the right path although determined to not get distracted. Honing and weeding and following my energy towards that which enlivens me! HOPE!

Yay Sarah! Good job :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

online journal

I can remember typing away in bed at my mom's during a visit to Cincinnati, OH perhaps even a couple of years ago now. I recall thinking that if I had my own laptop that I would sit in bed and write write write. I have my own laptop...have for almost a year now and I am just now putting the pieces together.

I just watched You, Me and Everyone We Know. I know a movie is good (to me) when I am left with deep feelings...be it sad, inspired, thoughtful or melancholic. It was a quirky movie, but something in it spoke to me. I feel inspired to post here and it's been months. I guess that says something.

I am tired though...another late night. I was up till midnight last night reading papers from my teacher. I am so excited that I get to learn something that is so meaningful and powerful! It is called Skills For Change and the premise is how to empower ourselves in our lives in the context of the society we live in and the race, age, sex, role we find ourselves in. Truly fascinating study in sociology.

I'll end there. Hopefully more to come :)