Saturday, August 1, 2009

it's been a long time...'s been days, weeks, months since my last entry...i do want to do this regularly. i guess i got cold feet :)
i am in a completely quiet house, except for the crickets chirping away outside...well and the refrigerator running and the buzzing of the florescent light in my spacious kitchen. it's amazing how silence...a break from the noise of the day...can alter my internal space and give me the chance to shift my perspective. this evening i was feeling so tired of the noise...the yelling...the whining...the crying...and now i feel sadness that it's not there. don't get me wrong, i love the quiet! i need quiet. quiet moments just like these to remember what i like. i also love the space that my boys take up in my life! and i love having the space to appreciate them...those adorable and loving dears.

tonight was ethan's first grade potluck to meet his classmates, their families and his teacher. my oldest son is going to be in first grade! well, it's a good thing i don't get too much time for reflection because i would be balling my eyes out most of that time.

here's a picture of my sweet angel: